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अर्थ- जो व्यक्ति बीमारी में, दुख में, गरीबी में, शत्रु द्वारा कोई संकट खड़ा करने पर, शासकीय कार्यों में और

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“Infinite power and existence and blessedness are ours, and we have not to obtain them; They are really our individual, and We now have only to manifest them.”

बुरी पत्नी, झूठा दोस्त, बदमाश नौकर और साँप के साथ रहना मरने जैसा होता है.

God is very merciful to those whom He sees having difficulties heart and soul for spiritual realization. But keep on being idle, without any wrestle, and you will see that His grace will never come.

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और अपने विचारों को जीवन में उतारने की हिम्मत करो.

And that is why he is great. Our countrymen have attained unparalleled self-regard, self-reliance and self-assertion from his teachings." Vivekananda was successful in setting up a virtual bridge between the society of East as well as the West. He interpreted the Hindu scriptures, philosophy and the way in which of life into the Western people today. He created them realize that in spite of poverty and backwardness, India experienced a great contribution to create to planet tradition. He performed a essential part in ending India's cultural isolation from the remainder of the entire world.

आप ईश्वर में तब तक विश्वास नहीं कर पाएंगे जब तक आप अपने आप में विश्वास नहीं करते

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Work and worship are needed to remove the veil, to lift from the get more info bondage and illusion. Whatever you think, that you'll be. In case you think your self weak, weak you can be; if you think your self strong, strong you're going to be.

“One of many Main distinctions amongst the Vedic as well as the Christian faith would be that the Christian religion teaches that every human soul experienced its commencing at its start into this world, While the Vedic faith asserts that the spirit of man is really an emanation with the Everlasting Currently being and has no a lot more a commencing than God Himself.”

Fill the brain with substantial thoughts, optimum ideals, spot them day and night before you, and out of that will come great operate.

Say, ‘This distress that i'm struggling is of my very own carrying out, and that very factor proves that it will have to be undone by me alone.’ That which I produced, I can demolish; that that is developed by someone else, I shall in no way be able to wipe out.

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